Maybe I’m missing grad school. Maybe I’m trying to legitimise the amount of brain space taken up by encyclopaedic knowledge of Gilmore Girls dialogue. Maybe I’m just a big nerd. All I can say for sure is: a project was born. A little Googling reveals that various Gilmore Girls reading lists exist, each preceded by varying claims as to their scope. For my purposes, I’m going to focus specifically on Rory, and on the pleasures of being absurdly, unnecessarily detail-oriented. I am going to re-watch the entire seven season run of Gilmore Girls and attempt to document, episode-by-episode, every book that Lorelai “Rory” Leigh Gilmore has read, is reading, or is going to read…

Along the way, I will certainly be drawn to ruminating on how and why I acquired said encyclopaedic knowledge of TGSOFT(SO). I’m not ready to get on board with the claim that my generation was raised by television, but we have come of age in a time when there is a ton of it, much of it pretty good, some of it astonishingly good, and almost all of it available watch and re-watch on demand in one form or another. Gilmore Girls has been a fixture in my life for a decade, and my identity through that time has, for better or for worse, been informed by the characters and ideals it portrays. Where better than the internet to engage in a little navel-gazing and demon-wrestling alongside the snark and the silliness?”  – Me


All text, graphics, and photographs appearing on this blog are copyrighted and/or trademarked by their respective owners. No infringement is intended. I am not affiliated with Warner Bros., Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions, or Hofflund/Polone; I just watch a lot of TV. All opinions expressed are my own.


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